Michelle O Faith

Portrait photograph of singer and artist Michelle O Faith

Boblog III

Boblog performing surrounded by balloons and neon

Noel Gallagher Recording in Metropolis Studio A

Noel Gallagher recording in Metropolis Studio A as part of the Once in a Lifetime series for Netflix

Jamie Cullum in Metropolis Studios

Jamie Cullum recording n a Yamaha piano in Metropolis Studio B, London UK

Dave Grohl in the Saddle

Black and white photo of Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana in the saddle of a motorbike in Metropolis recording studios, London UK

Raging Bull

Mario Cuomo of The Orwells leaps into the arms of the audience of La Scala, King's Cross, London, to do a bit of crowd-surfing


Mario Cuomo like Greek God Bacchus stirring his maenads up into a frenzy, at La Scala London


R&B Singer IAMDDB performs to a seething crowd in Metropolis Studios for Clash magazine Live

Jamie Cullum in Metropolis Studios

Black and white image of Jamie Cullum recording in Metropolis Studio B, London UK

IAMDDBin the studio

R&B singer IAMDDB singing into a microphone at Metropolis studios as part of Clash magazine Live

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